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The Art Careers Guide offers tips and advice to help you navigate the U.S. art jobs market.

Do you have questions about starting a career in the arts? Are you looking to progress beyond your current position in an arts organization? With over 100,000 nonprofit arts organizations in the U.S. and 550,000 "arts centric" for-profit business, there are lots of opportunities. Learn your way around the peculiarities of these positions as well as the pros and cons of careers in the arts.

We've divided the guide into location specific areas for the major art markets – check out our New York guide – and a general advice section. Posts in this section cover the range from "how-to" advice for career moves, employment at specific art organizations (like museums), or arts-specific networking advice.

When you are ready to start your search, visit our arts job search page to see the types of positions available. If you are serious about entering this market, you should also consider creating an ArtsTie profile and signing up to job alerts.

Sloan Strader, Registrar

Searching for Meaning and Justice in Archives and Loan Forms: The Beginnings of a Museum Information Management Career in NYC

In taking this time to reflect and document the beginning of my career in the museum field, I think back to my passion for justice—  specifically thinking critically about power structures in regards to information and how that informs our sense of the world around us. When I was an undergraduate student in the Pacific Northwest at the University of

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Arts Employees Share Salaries

Public Spreadsheet with Salaries in the Arts Rocking the arts world this week is news on a Google spreadsheet with anonymous salaries for all positions across the arts. See it here to reach your own conclusions. You can submit your own salary anonymously here. The Professional Organization for Women in the Arts will be holding its own similar survey soon. Sign

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