ArtsTie Accepted To MIT/Rice Entrepreneurship Success Initiative


Rice University

ArtsTie is happy to announce that we have been accepted into the Entrepreneurship Success Initiative (ESI) sponsored by MIT and Rice University.

The Entrepreneurship Success Initiative is a new study by researchers from Rice University and MIT that is trying to find out what systems, decisions, backgrounds, and training lead to successful startups.

Their team is led by Yael Hochberg, of Seed Accelerator Rankings Project fame. Learn more about the Entrepreneurship Success Initiative.

About ArtsTie

ArtsTie is a career matchmaking platform for jobs in the arts.

No existing job search platform provides adequate results for an industry that employs more than 2.2 million in the US.

Why? Some industries – or niche employment sectors – have subtle distinctions in the way job seekers and job searchers are matched. In our example, the arts, basic job search platforms are inadequate and dedicated recruiters are cost prohibitive.

We’re building a platform that understands someone’s career path and matches them to appropriate jobs within the context of their industry.

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