SFCV Launches California Job Board for the Arts

San Francisco Classical Voice logoPublished on June 25, 2018.

San Francisco Classical Voice, the online publication with a mission to “engage audiences, artists, and arts organizations, and forge meaningful connections through music journalism,” just launched a California art jobs portal with help from ArtsTie.

By leveraging ArtsTie’s real-time art job feeds, the storied publication will be able to provide comprehensive listings of job opportunities in the arts in California.

This move, along with their recent expansion into the Los Angeles area, is the latest in a promising growth trajectory.

About San Francisco Classical Voice

After 20 years, SFCV continues to its founder’s vision — to serve the arts community and its audiences with the highest-quality, free, original journalism — yet it also continues to innovate ways to connect new audiences to great music. SFCV provides information of many different types: a searchable, sortable events calendar/database that lists almost every classical music event in the Bay Area and enables users to buy tickets; a ticket-discounting program (Hot Deals); a multimedia database of composer biographies that is regularly accessed by students of all levels; a glossary of important musical terms; a searchable, sortable database of music teachers around the Bay; lists of music organizations and educational organizations … and much more.

About ArtsTie

ArtsTie is a career matchmaking platform for jobs in the arts.

No existing job search platform provides adequate results for an industry that employs more than 2.2 million in the US.

Why? Some industries – or niche employment sectors – have subtle distinctions in the way job seekers and job searchers are matched. In our example, the arts, basic job search platforms are inadequate and dedicated recruiters are cost prohibitive.

We’re building a platform that understands someone’s career path and matches them to appropriate jobs within the context of their industry.

Visit us to learn more!

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