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Image courtesy of John Carpenter

Image courtesy of John Carpenter

Does More Mozart Mean More Money?

Find out in this online course on data-driven Performing Arts Programming. You can see the whole thing on the free trial. Arts Data Science!

Music, theater, dance, and film may not seem like data-driven businesses, but they can benefit from data science just as much as ecommerce or finance.

The entire course is fascinating and provides a nontechnical overview of data science in the arts to help creative organizations use the principles of data science in practical ways. It’s on LinkedIn Learning.

Rocking the Arts World this Week

What happens if a crowdfunding platform popular with musicians suddenly closes shop and takes its artists’ money with it. This just happened:

Philanthropy is a two-way exchange: Institutions receive money. Donors receive (among other things) recognition and legitimacy by association. In a way, there is always risk for the organization that the donor’s future reputation will go down the gutter. This explains why the Met Museum and others have started refusing future gifts from the Sackler family:

This prompts a great conversation on the need for due diligence when accepting gifts, which many art organizations are ill-equipped for.

Is it Always about Money?

Apparently Not

Museums showing an ‘uncommercial’ attitude to US$5.9bn touring exhibitions market, report finds.

Join the Royal Communications Team

We’re kind of sorry that you didn’t see this first on ArtsTie’s digital marketing jobs but if it’s your cup of tea, there is an opening to become Queen Elizabeth’s social media manager. They pay isn’t great.


Joel Ferrell is stepping down as Associate Artistic Director at the Dallas Theater Center.

Osmo Vanska will leave Minnesota Orchestra [NYtimes]

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