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Salary survey #2

This is not the same one as the viral Google Spreadsheet taking the world by storm, but they have crunched their own numbers and presented interesting findings. Visit the POWarts Salary Survey for more info.

Salaries for Arts Specialist Positions: Archivist, Artist Liaison, Auction Specialist

Become an Arts Registrar

This week, we published a profile by Sloan Strader: Searching for Meaning and Justice in Archives and Loan Forms: The Beginnings of a Museum Information Management Career in NYC. Read it, it’s great!

Oh, my

A Seattle publication analyzed the arts salary survey Google Spreadsheet numbers and was negatively impressed at how low they seemed for their local art orgs. Read here:

Lindsay said organizations that aren’t paying their workers living wages — especially organizations with endowments — risk looking bad to donors.

“You’re not going to attract directors or curators if you’re not able to pay them,” she said

Can you get fired for sharing your salary?

Short answer: no, but read the more nuanced response here.

Many states and localities now ban the salary history question

We updated our three-part Salary Negotiation in the Arts guide accordingly.

Museum analytics

Museum Analytics: Museum Popularity on Social Media


Soccer museum

The first sensation upon entering the Olympique Lyonnais Museum is the nose-tickling scent of freshly trimmed grass.

It’s not the power of suggestion. It’s the very real smell of a pristine soccer pitch that’s mechanically spritzed into the air at the start of each fan’s high-tech, interactive visit. And it immediately establishes that the goal of the museum — and of Olympique Lyonnais itself — isn’t simply to honor the storied past of one of France’s most decorated soccer clubs. It’s to dazzle, inspire and stimulate a deeper passion for the game.

Toxic culture at Creation Museum

Here is an expose. The website is called “Friendly Atheist,” so that should provide one or two clues about the publication’s bias.


Guggenheim Workers Unionize

Good thoughts on (Arts) “Salaries and Anyone Being a Leader”

Lessons from the best resume ever [CNBC].

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