Naming an Arts Newsletter, Pop-Up Museums, and Crypto Art

Crypto Art on the the Heat List by ArtsTie

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If things come to us in their names, then the power of things comes to us in the power of their names.
– J. R. R. Tolkien

Naming is Hard

I’m not referring to naming a building, which is hard and expensive. If this is something that interests you, opportunities start at $200k at the New Hampshire Boat Museum.

We were about to name this newsletter the Arts Blacklist, which is:

We decided against this.

Pop-Up Museums

Pop-up museums are an interesting trend in that they appear to be mostly for-profit and subsidized by ticket revenue and sponsorships.

Conceptually, they also seem to fit into the trend for on-demand services along with ghost kitchens and subscription dog food. Should we call it Museum as a Service (MaaS)? (Unfortunately, someone already came up with this name.)

As an incredible and slightly nauseating alliterative experience, my favorite concept for now has to be the pop-up poop museum in Yokohama, Japan.

On the more edifying side of things, these high school students just launched a popular pop-up museum & escape room that deals with the toxic aspects of being a teenager.

Crypto Art

You would think that if you get some MBA and Art students together, they best use of their combined talents would be to figure out how to make money from art?

Well, not in this case.

The students took part in a cryptocurrency workshop organized by the two schools, exploring the relationship between art and money by creating new “currencies,” based on the cryptocurrency structure that has produced decentralized digital currencies like Bitcoin. Renowned German conceptual artist and filmmaker Hito Steyerl worked with the students.

A Yale professor is quoted in the article as saying, “there’s an interesting relationship between art and money.” Indeed.

More generally, there are a number of fascinating aspects to the Crypto Art world:

This should probably become a regular section.

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