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Notre Dame by Guzo Borboa

Illustration by Guzo Borboa

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This Week

In a flashback to Medieval times, the world was appalled to see Notre Dame burn down.

Fortunately, Trump was there to provide advice. Now, French firefighters need to monitor their Twitter in addition to save a world treasure. Sounds like a great use of their time.

Btw, this is the second transcendental artistic institution to burn down in recent times.

At least this time the philanthropic response has been impressive. $450 million pledged to rebuild Notre Dame, within less than 24 hours.


Yo Yo Ma is getting it wrong, you’re supposed to play when they tear down the wall not when they’re about to build it.

In any case, Ma has outstanding publicists. Every major classical artist worth his salt has lost his instrument in NYC. It must be a thing:

Things I’d Like to Write About

Anybody getting bonuses in the arts? This sounds like a nifty idea (NYTimes).

Museum staffers unionizing / orchestras on strike. There must be a lot of drama. Tell me about it!

Hollywood writers fire their agents.


“So if you’re looking for more sex scandals in 2019, Lincoln Center and its associated institutions is a good bet.”


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