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CensusViewer US 2010 Census Latino Population as Heatmap by Census Tract

CensusViewer US 2010 Census Latino Population as Heatmap by Census Tract via Wikipedia

Museums in the Changing World Order

Make sure you stay tuned to Adrian Ellis’ series of articles in the Art Newspaper. The author applies keen analytical insight into how societal changes like populism or social media are impacting museums. A wholesome read for anyone in the arts.

Reader Resources

A reader of the Heat List sent this interesting link:

Museum Best Practices for Managing Controversy

HR Issues

MoMA PS1 settled with a curator who was fired after notifying of her pregnancy. Read a perspective on this here: Parenting and Labor in the Art World: A Call to Arms.

Art Before Reality

You typically hear that art reflects reality. What is incredible is when art appears to predict reality. This article showcases a hit comedy that seemed to anticipate the recent college admissions scandal:

Sometimes it goes the other way, with art ahead of events. As the enormity of 9/11 unfolded, it was astonishing to realize that Tony Kushner had already written “Homebody/Kabul,” about the West’s political tensions with Afghanistan, with a premiere locked into the New York Theater Workshop for that December. Lynn Nottage likewise looked prescient when her racially fraught Rust Belt tragedy “Sweat” emerged exactly in step with Donald Trump’s campaign, debuting in 2015 at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and moving to Arena Stage in January 2016.


Really interesting article with interviews of creators that use Patreon to enable their audience to support their work through a subscription model:

When Patreon launched in 2013, the company positioned itself to help solve a problem that has only gotten worse in the years since. The internet, and social media in particular, has given artists of all stripes a greater ability to reach large audiences and position themselves as self-employed full-time creatives, at the cost — worse in some fields than others — of driving down people’s willingness to pay for people’s output when the internet itself is so awash in free “content,” for lack of a better catch-all term.

Moving Around

Emmett Carson Lands New Post After Silicon Valley Community Foundation Scandal. He’s going to the new Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

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