Animal Keeper - Penguin/​hoofstock

General Summary:? The Animal Keeper 1 will provide care and maintenance of the animals and their associated exhibits and holding areas.? The Animal Keeper 1 will report to his or her assigned Area Manager and the Assistant General Curator.

Essential Functions:

Primary Function:

  • Observe changes in animals? appetite, disposition, habits, and in physical appearance and/or excreta to detect indications of stress or illness;
  • Inspect enclosures, fencing, pools, and furniture for cleanliness and/or structural defects and to perform minor repairs as needed;
  • Prepare diets for animals, clean and fill water containers, and place food in exhibits at specified times;
  • Clean facilities, exhibits, and associated animal areas according to the area protocols or as directed by management;
  • Transfer animals in accordance with departmental policy and standards from one enclosure to another for husbandry purposes;
  • Provide species appropriate and approved enrichment to animals;
  • Assist in data collection for approved research projects;
  • Provide routine maintenance of facilities and minor repair of equipment, exhibits, and all associated animal areas;
  • Maintain familiarity with all animal recapture and restraint equipment;
  • Capture and restrain animals for routine veterinary, emergency, training or husbandry, and management procedures;
  • Assist with medical care procedures and administer medication as directed;
  • Provide general maintenance of grounds in and around exhibits and associated facilities;
  • Act as a member of the Animal Recapture Team as needed and directed;
  • Drive to specified locations as needed;
  • Perform other duties as assigned; Adhere to all policies and procedures of the Zoo.

Communication (Internal and External):

  • Maintain reports on all animal conditions in daily reports, diary, records, etc.;
  • Provide regular updates to the Area Manager on the condition and status of the animal collection;
  • Attend Zoo general staff meetings and departmental meetings;
  • Interpret the Zoo to guests, donors, and zoo associates;
  • Attend all staff training sessions as directed; and,
  • Promote the mission of the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

Management of Resources (financial, human resources, facilities):

  • Unload and store commissary items; and,
  • Maintain equipment and tools in a good state of repair.
  • This job is expired!