Kenan Fellowship in Directing at ACT – A Contemporary Theatre

The University of North Carolina School for the Arts (UNCSA) and ACT are pleased to announce the Kenan Fellowship in Directing at ACT. The Kenan Fellowship is made possible by generous support from the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts at UNSCA as part of the Career Pathways Initiative to broaden opportunities for sustainable careers in the arts.

The Kenan Fellowship in Directing at ACT seeks to provide emerging directors from the School of Drama at UNCSA with practical knowledge and experience as artists embarking on a career in regional theatre.

Each Kenan Fellow is mentored by Artistic Director, John Langs and the entire ACT staff, in varying capacities. Mentors support and assist the Kenan Fellows through their learning of ACT’s approach to making theatre, and guide the Fellows through the challenges and realities of what it means to be an artist in Seattle. Additionally, the Kenan Fellowship supports time to pursue artistic growth, attend performances, and the further development of networking in their professional field. Kenan Fellows are also encouraged to apply to produce and develop their own performance project.

For more information about the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts and the Career Pathways Initiative, visit

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  • This job is expired!