Area Manager - Farmyard

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General Summary: Provides day-to-day leadership and management of assigned animal area(s) and operational responsibilities associated with the Animal Department, which supports the mission and core values of the Zoo to the staff engaged in the care and exhibition of the collection.

Essential Functions:

Primary Function:

  • Foster a success-oriented, accountable environment within the Zoo;
  • Support the guest experiences;
  • Serve as the liaison for the Collection Managers and Curators as to daily concerns of the department;
  • Observe animals to detect signs of illness, and report the same to the Collection Manager and Medical Staff to determine type of medication/treatment required and help in the treatment;
  • Develop and maintain SOPs for assigned area(s);
  • Coordinate pest control needs/activities with the Senior Animal Care Technician;
  • Ensure that adequate and appropriate pest control practices are carried out and that all pest control records are maintained;
  • Coordinate water quality testing and Life Support Systems equipment preventative maintenance with the Water Quality Specialist and ensure that adequate and appropriate water quality records are maintained;
  • Inspect all exhibits and related facilities regularly for cleanliness and structural integrity;
  • Direct or perform all keeper activities necessary to the direct maintenance of the animal collection;
  • Inspect the care and well being of the animals in their area;
  • Supervise and coordinate all activities of the relief keeper staff;
  • Supervise and participate in moving of animals to new quarters or in crating or uncrating animals for shipment or display;
  • Oversee and/or assist with medical treatments, preparation of food, feeding of animals and maintenance and repair of animal quarters/exhibit;
  • Ensure that area activities are recorded in the daily diary and other permanent records;
  • Collaborate with Animal Department Curators, Managers and medical staff in development of diets, husbandry techniques, and area protocols;
  • Develop action plans for projects and present them to the Collection Managers;
  • Coordinate with Visitor Services and Volunteer Department to ensure the daily operations of the Giraffe Feeding Station and Goat Corral;
  • Manage operational responsibilities associated with Animal Department including but not limited to tools, golf carts and yard equipment;
  • Assist in AZA-sanctioned programs as requested;
  • Available 24 hours/day, if necessary;
  • Attend weekly medical meetings;
  • Serve and support assigned area(s);
  • Manage the internship program and volunteer programs through collaboration with the Volunteer Department and Area Managers to interview and schedule interns and Coordinate the training opportunities for volunteers, and interns;
  • Participate on the animal recapture team and maintains qualifications to use firearms on zoo grounds;
  • Train and educate Animal Keepers;
  • Coordinate construction projects and outside vendors and contractors while maintaining safety for animals and staff;
  • Work collaboratively with Animal Department staff to develop and maintain animal training and enrichment programs;
  • Manage the particular aspects of scheduling and payroll essential to supervising staff;
  • Responsible for acting as member of Zoo?s emergency response firearms shoot team;
  • Perform other duties as assigned; and,
  • Adhere to all policies and procedures of the Zoo.

Communication (Internal and External):

  • Actively collaborate with divisions to insure that husbandry and behavioral management practices are to the highest standards;
  • Represent the zoo to guests, donors, zoo community associates, and the general public;
  • Answer the public’s questions concerning animals’ habits or zoo operations;
  • Actively collaborate with the Marketing, Development, Education and Visitor Services departments to design and implement programs and presentations directly related to the animal collection;
  • Actively collaborate with the Marketing, Development, Education and Visitor Services departments to produce and participate in non-routine special events;
  • Organize behind the scenes tours as requested; and,
  • Conduct and/or contribute to Area, Department and All-Staff meetings.

Management of Resources (financial, human resources, facilities):

  • Make recommendations to the General Curator and Assistant General Curator on personnel actions such as hiring, promotions, transfers, disciplinary actions, and terminations;
  • Read keepers? daily reports and ensure appropriate corrective action;
  • Determine which information/data from daily reports should be included in the Zoo?s permanent animal records;
  • Prepare and communicate performance evaluations of keeper staff;
  • Recommend improvements and repairs to animal exhibits and facilities;
  • Recommend updates, clarifications and additions to Animal Department policies and procedures and area SOPs;
  • Coordinate with the Maintenance department for repairs, non-capital renovations and improvements;
  • Schedule staff to various tasks as needed;
  • Support inventory control/ensure the proper working condition of all department equipment;
  • Compile and distribute weekly department schedule; and,
  • Provide supervisory back up for the other area managers.

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