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Position Summary:  Administers the Department of Anthropology’s ethnographic collections, facilities, and activities related to them. Participates in research projects and exhibits relating to the Department’s objectives.

Specific Responsibilities:


? Assumes responsibility for department operation and attends committee meetings in Department Head’s absence

? Maintains records of receipt, exchange, or loan of ethnographic collection items

? Helps to formulate department policies and long-range plans

? Provides data for annual reports, budgets, and grant proposals

? Provides information on department activities, collections, facilities, etc. to Department Head, Director, and others as appropriate

Personnel Management

? Schedules, trains, and supervises department volunteers, interns, and other temporary staff

? Maintains personnel records, time logs, etc. for above listed staff

? Assists Department Head in training and supervising regular staff


? Maintains a clean and safe work area

? Maintains an equipment inventory

? Collaborates with Department Head to acquire and maintain necessary equipment

? Collaborates with Department Head to carry out emergency procedures

? Collaborates with Department Head on use of safety equipment

? Supervises security of facilities

Collections Management

? Selects and pursues acquisitions of appropriate ethnographic objects for collections

? Supervises storage, preparation, preservation, and security of ethnographic collections, including objects on exhibit, in accordance with current professional museum standards

? Supervises keeping of records on ethnographic collection accessions, loans, exchanges, and catalog data

? Solicits, reviews, and determines disposition of donated ethnographic material particularly basketry and textiles, from most of Western North America  with a focus on Chumash and California


? Provides reference information and instructional services for staff and public

? Serves as resource person for other departments, including docent training and production of anthropological exhibits; effectively communicates and presents information to small and large groups as needed 

? Serves on Museum committees as requested (Bulletin, Conservation, CRC, etc.)


? Engages in research appropriate to the Museum’s area of concern, and publishes the results in both scientific and popular formats

? Attends professional meetings and other programs to present results as well as to obtain new information, and to represent the Museum when appropriate


Essential Requirements:

? Advance degree in anthropology/related field, and/or working on doctorate degree with expertise in Ethnography; multi-year experience with museum collections and management techniques strongly preferred. 

? Experience with basketry and textiles, from most of Western North America  with a focus on Chumash and California highly desirable 

? Experience in museum techniques specific to scientific research and collections management 

? Experience in original scientific research and subsequent distribution of information through publications

? Experience in the supervision and training of staff both paid and voluntary

? Strong interpersonal and communication skills; Excellent writing and presentation skills

? Strong working knowledge of computer software including database software and MS Office

Work Environment:

? General office environment with occasional work throughout the museum’s facilities (exhibit halls, conference rooms, and galleries) with occasional research work outdoors

? Frequent work on computers (repetitive movement – typing)

? Standard scientific research laboratory environment with occasional use 

? Frequent sitting, standing, walking, climbing stairs, and bending with occasional lifting of light to moderate loads (10-25lbs)

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