The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History inspires a thirst for discovery and a passion for the natural world.

Position Summary:  Part time position Interact with visitors personably to make their visit an informative, rewarding, enjoyable experience by welcoming visitors to the Backyard and Backyard Creek; oversee activities, educate visitor to proper use and prevent misuse.


Specific Responsibilities:

? Actively greet and talk with visitors as they approach the Backyard Creek.

? Orient parties to the Backyard Creek’s purpose. Explain guidelines to prevent backups including not bringing into the creek loose material like dirt or wood chips..  

? Control the flow and number of guests in the Backyard Creek area.

? Actively maintain the Museum Backyard, including resetting program materials; raking wood chips; resetting mud kitchen; turning mulch piles.

? Be available to staff both Backyard and Club House corridors when Naturalist is unavailable or as needed.

? Ensure a safe visitor experience and maintain all protocols.

? Work with Naturalist staff to support school and public program activity in the Museum’s Backyard.

? Learn function and role of Backyard Naturalist, including proper animal handling, to act in substitute Naturalist capacity when needed. 

? Converse with Museum guests and document feedback on the Museum Backyard.

? Promote and implement the upcoming Creek Champion program, rewarding youth that demonstrate stewardship actions with the Backyard Creek. 

? Work informally with guests at various programmatic zones for the Backyard . 

? Answer questions and provide information about other areas of Museum

? Report issues involving the Backyard Creek to the facilities.

? Other duties as assigned


Essential Requirements

? Some general customer service experience

? Strong communication skills (verbal & written)

? Skilled at and enjoy interacting with public

? Friendly, outgoing and good-humored demeanor

? Able to work independently

? Dependable and punctual

? Comfortable working in various work environments, mostly outdoors.

? Comfortable working around insects, both alive and dead.

? Available to work following schedule: Thursday -Saturday 9:45 – 1:30, Saturday 2-5:15, and as needed. 

Work Environment:

? Extensive interaction with the general public 

? Frequent standing, sitting, and walking with occasional climbing stairs, bending and lifting light loads (10 lbs)

? Work outdoors

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