To Our business intelligence team is in the process of adopting a fully cloud-native environment for all reporting and advanced analytics projects.  This hands-on role will support the efforts of maintaining and growing an enterprise data lake on which this team and others perform their work.  You will interface with technical system owners, security, and IT teams to understand and support their efforts. You will be responsible for maintaining the access controls, security and compliance standards to properly secure our client’s data across the globe You will partner with development teams to create ETL processes that automate the transformation and centralization of data from all corners of the enterprise.


  • Implement specific Google Cloud data security and governance controls (KMS, DLP, IAP, etc.
  • Create monitoring and alerting solutions for data pipeline statuses
  • Set up data security and access logging
  • Maintain access controls for the data lake and associated Google Cloud products
  • Implement new ETLs for data collection from internal systems


  • Strong programming skills, including python scripts, data lake which are the primary way we programmatically interface with the data lake (through the Google Cloud Platform, CP Python, SDK)
  • 2+ years experience supporting production cloud environments
  • Strong understanding of IAM and cloud-based access and security controls
  • Familiarity with ETL pipeline orchestration frameworks, such as Luigi or Airflow
  • Experience with log management and monitoring tools, including tools within Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform as well as open source and third-party monitoring tools.
  • Experience in managing projects and infrastructure for cloud-based platforms (security, authentication, monitoring, data governance)
  • Experience working with containers and container services is also a significant plus

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