Executive Director, Westchester County Historical Society  ​

Executive Director, Westchester County Historical Society  The Westchester Country Historical Society is seeking an Executive Director to provide dynamic leadership to carry out the mission of the Society of preserving Westchester’s archival history, providing access to these valuable records, and researching new documents. Responsibilities include: oversight for all operations of the Society, including the research Library; the Quarterly publication of the “Westchester Historian” and other Society publications; serving as the County Historian. The Director is an ex-officio director of the Board working with the Board President for all matters requiring Board action/input; is responsible for developmental goals including finances, public relations, marketing and programming. Office hours are 4 days a week plus extra events. Salary range: $65-70,000 plus benefits. Please send cover letter and resume to the WCHS, WCHSSearch@gmail.com Attn: Susan Morison. Application deadline is June 1, 2018.


  • This job is expired!