Financial Aid Specialist

The Financial Aid Specialist reports to the Associate Director of Financial Aid and is responsible for the timely execution and maintenance of financial aid award packages.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree is required, as well as some prior federal financial aid knowledge Excellent communication, critical-thinking skills, mathematical/accounting capability, computer skills and an attention to detail are also required ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Analyze financial data as reported on the ISIR to determine appropriate financial aid package for assigned student population in a timely manner utilizing Banner operating systems. 2. Adhere to all institutional packaging policies to ensure compliance and accuracy. Attention to detail and double-checking work are critical components to packaging. 3. Maintain and protect data integrity by following strict protocols in handling sensitive and private personal information of students, parents and staff. Adherence to red flag initiatives and FERPA laws is critical in promoting strong information security. 4. Evaluate all incoming tax documents and other information from students and parents, comparing information with that presented on the ISIR. Perform federal verification according to federal guidelines and make corrections to FAFSA data as necessary to ensure compliance and accuracy. 5. Work with students and advising staff to resolve discrepant data issues on FAFSA by using clear and concise written communication directed to internal and external customers to inform of issues and provide potential solutions. 6. Participate in internal audits in an effort to maintain administrative capability of the college. This includes review and analysis of verification records in an effort to identify and resolve any inconsistencies. 7. Using professional judgment, evaluate unemployment situations and make determinations for dislocated worker status. Make appropriate FAFSA corrections to income and adjusted gross income levels and recalculate taxes for tax year according to federal guidelines to ensure compliance and accuracy. 8. Review special scholarship lists from other institutional departments including admission, athletics and institutional advancement scholarships. Reevaluate student eligibility and make appropriate adjustments to financial aid package to include decreasing loan amounts in order to keep aid within budget and remain compliant. 9. Review and evaluate student loan eligibility for assigned population. Add loans as requested, per student’s eligibility and adjust loan records as necessary. Understanding and applying complex loan concepts to include “borrower-based academic years”, overlapping loan period reporting and aggregate debt limits is essential. 10. Utilize reports to structure workload and to monitor and analyze student aid eligibility, ensuring timely review and completion of all reports using accuracy and attention to detail. Discrepancy reports (involving over payment issues, loan proration and suspense files, etc.) also require research, resolution and follow up communication with advising staff. 11. Receive training and maintain fundamental knowledge of federal and state regulations and apply to daily operating practice, to include reviewing annual Department of Education presentations and participating in NASFAA-led webinars and online courses. 12. Assist internal customers/advising staff with understanding individual financial aid issues and help with training on financial aid policies and procedures. This requires clear and concise communication and involves translation of financial aid terms and acronyms into everyday language. 13. Maintain working knowledge of all financial aid databases to include Banner, Application Xtender, GA Student Finance Commission’s CHECs and SURFER systems, Central Processing System (CPS), Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) and the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). 14. Participate in special events and in evening, weekend work as needed. 15. Performs other duties as assigned to assure success of the department and to carry out the mission of the college: SCAD exists to prepare talented students for professional careers, emphasizing learning through individual attention in a positively oriented university environment.

WORK HOURS The university work week is Sunday through Saturday. Most offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. In order to accommodate the university’s business needs, employees may be assigned to other work days and/or hours, including weekends and evenings.

  • This job is expired!