Head of Violin - Tonebase

Los Angeles, United States
Posted: 16 Jan 2020


Head of Violin – tonebase

Head of Violin – tonebase / Los Angeles, California

tonebase: Educate & Inspire
tonebase is an online education platform. Our mission at tonebase is to offer every passionate student, music lover, and professional access to the knowledge of the best artists in the world. We believe that everyone who has the courage and dedication to engage with a musical instrument should have access to the best knowledge and resources available

The company launched its initial pilot platform in classical guitar before expanding to classical piano, and is now preparing to launch a platform in violin.

The Position: tonebase Product Owner
The role of the Product Owner at tonebase is a crucial one. As tonebase builds out multiple platforms serving different instruments, the PO is responsible for overseeing the holistic development of a given platform.

Developing the content and artist strategy of each platform from scratch, the responsibilities of the PO will change over time. Initially the focus is on content accumulation. The PO will use their social capital and extensive networks in the music world to identify and engage world-class violinists to produce video tutorials for the company. Further, the PO will use their deep knowledge of the violin repertoire, technique, understanding of various player types and their needs (professionals, teachers, students, hobbyists etc..), and overall world-class violin proficiency to come up with a content and artist strategy for building the initial product.

Once the platform is launched, the PO will be responsible for understanding customer needs on the platform, deriving insights from existing platforms, and communicating across teams in order to further the content strategy, develop platform features and marketing campaigns, and pursue new artists, all while maintaining a fantastic working relationship with the existing roster of world-class violinists.

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Closing date: 01 Feb 2020

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