Project Proposal Open Call: City-wide Open Studios 2019 Older but Younger

Submission deadline: Monday, Mar 25, 2019 at 11:59 PM Artspace is pleased to invite artists to submit a proposal to receive funding for a creative project that addresses our 2019 City-Wide Open Studios festival theme, Older But Younger.  Older But Younger seeks to humanize and prioritize an examination of how age factors into the way artists make work together today. We are looking for proposals that recognize contexts in which intergenerational collaborations already exist, as well as proposals that present opportunities for new relationships to form and grow. Proposals are sought that connect two or more artists, who were born at least 25 years apart, and at least one member must be based in Connecticut or have strong connections to the region. We also invite groups, collectives, student/teacher collaborators, and organizations to apply.  Artspace staff will help facilitate connections to area agencies, special interest groups, experts, etc., if desired.  Projects will be awarded between $200-$2,000 in project support. Our goals for this open call include, but are not limited to:

Creating lines of communication to the past Finding empowerment through age Listening to ancestral knowledge Creating spaces for older artists to learn from younger artists Developing new artist networks and mentorship Understanding changes in the human body (mobility, sight, hearing, and cognition) Building empathy for our neighbors across generations Explore ideas related to longevity, from the practical to the metaphysical Reimagining end of life Contemplating the intersection of age and the work force Examining the changing demographics of age Challenge prevailing notions about aging

Artist Meet + Greet

We are organizing an Artist Meet + Greet for individuals who wish to apply to our Open Call for Project Proposals for City-Wide Open Studios 2019 Older But Younger, but are looking for a collaborative partner.  This event will take place in our galleries on Tuesday, February 19 from 5:30-7:30pm.  To start, we will facilitate a group conversation, where attendees will have the opportunity to share their idea for what they’d like to do, and who they’d like to work with. Please come prepared with a brief 3 minute “elevator pitch” of your idea. Following, artists will be invited to mingle and connect with the people whose proposals sparked their attention.  Artspace staff will be on hand to support the ideas as they develop and answer questions.  Light refreshments will be served.

This event will take place on Tuesday, February 19  from 5:30-7:30pm.  (The snow date is Thursday, February 21 from 5:30-7:30pm).  The event is free, but please register in advance here.

Important Dates

The deadline to apply is Saturday, March 25 at 11:59pm. Awarded proposals will be announced by Wednesday, May 15. Planning, research and development, and community organizing will take place June 1 to September 15. You should not apply if you will be away over the summer of 2019.

A few projects that inspire us:

Latoya Ruby Frazier’s Photographs Bryan Zanisnik: Meadowlands Picaresque Art Spiegelman: Maus Faith Ringgold’s Quilts Alberto Aguilar’s social practice Selina Trepp’s Nap Animations Ragnar Kjartansson: Me and My Mother Nina Katchadourian: Accent Elimination Akunnittinni: A Kinngait Family Portrait Guy Ben-Ner: Stealing Beauty Barak Ade Soleil Grannies Respond—Abuelas Responden How to Live Forever Auto-Hagiography Survival Guide: Inheritance Young@Heart Chorus Sages and Seekers Oral History Interview with Anni Albers Dancing Wheels Journal of Intergenerational Relationships Generation to Generation Generations United Dance for PD

FAQs Who will review the proposals? A committee made up of Connecticut-based artists, teachers, youth leaders, advocates for the elderly, individuals drawn from the faith-based communities, scholars studying age, and others. How are these projects funded? A grant from the National Endowment for the Arts makes this project possible, and is contingent on the federal government being re-opened for business.  Artists may seek outside funds to supplement additional funding needs. Where will these Projects Be Presented? The majority of the proposals will be presented over one weekend in October.  Artists may indicate the preferred weekend for their projects, performances or participatory works, choosing from the opening night of City-Wide Open Studios at Artspace, or at Erector Square, or during the Private Studio/Westville weekend, or the Alternative Space. Apply Now! To apply for this opportunity, please submit your proposal through this online form.

City-Wide Open Studios 2019 Older But Younger is sponsored by:                                    Eder Family Foundation

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