General Summary: The Security Officer is a significant position responsible for representing the organization and providing a safe and secure environment for all internal and external customers and enforcing all policies at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.


Essential Functions:

Primary Function:

  • Interact in a consistently pleasant and helpful manner to fellow employees, guests, vendors, and other visitors of the Zoo and demonstrate the highest standards of internal and external customer service;
  • Responsible for rotating throughout all buildings, grounds and all animal areas and reporting suspicious conditions or unusual occurrences to Security Captain or Supervisor either in a vehicle or on foot;
  • Respond to all requests for first aid, CRP, and/ or AED from guests or employees;
  • Attend to the needs of the individual requesting assistance in a calm, professional, and ethical manner;
  • Respond to security related incidents occurring on zoo property, set the tone of enforcement in interactions, mitigate and defuse situations;
  • Respond to all alarms as dispatched;
  • Respond to lost child situations;
  • Lead and manage all employee or guest related incidents, providing detailed investigative information, witnesses, and accurate location(s) on reports;
  • Responsible for ensuring work related incidents are reported, investigated, appropriate medical attention is sought and appropriate departments are contacted;
  • Responsible for maintaining records of employee or guest related incidents including after hours calls;
  • Responsible for providing guest control, including challenging situations;
  • Participate in a rotation on the Dispatch post located in the Security office which will include, but is not limited to, monitoring all Zoo activity, and deploying fellow Security officers to the scene of activity as needed; facilitating 911 calls and centralized Code Alpha and Code Beta communication needs; monitoring and communicating severe weather conditions; coordinating cab transportation for employee related incidents and accidents; and documenting and recording activities as appropriate;
  • Practice good safety awareness and ensure guest safety at all times;
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by management;
  • Ensure all company policy and procedures are followed; and,
  • Adhere to all policies and procedures of the Zoo.


Communication (Internal and External):

  • Responsible for communicating effectively with staff and the public regarding standard operating procedures;
  • Work closely with contracted temporary services and staff to ensure adherence to all Zoo policies and procedures;
  • Write and investigate required shift and accident reports on employees, guests, and shift activities;
  • Submit written reports, without exception, of all incidents and activities occurring on Zoo property and in the immediate perimeter area (includes parking lot);
  • Monitor radios to ensure effective communication;
  • Contact an appropriate Security staff member necessary to resolve security issues by radio contact as needed to communicate information;
  • Attend meetings and represent the Zoo on various committees; and,
  • Maintain confidentiality and integrity of information disclosed, accidentally discovered or communicated as an Officer, with or without specific instruction to do so, of employees, guests, volunteers, etc.


Management of Resources (financial, human resources, facilities):

  • Assist in organizing breaks for all assigned employees while ensuring adequate staffing levels to control attendance flow; and,
  • Coordinate with other departments as necessary to fulfill any needs related to special event requests and departmental training.

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