Special Events Staff (part-time, Regular)

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The San Diego Natural History Museum is seeking for a passionate mission supporting Special Event Staff. She/he will be responsible assisting with the load-in and load-out of events, assisting in the set-up and break-down of Museum events, assisting in ensuring the safety of the Museum, having a Museum presence. This position requires the coordination of on-site event activities, including working with vendors, clients and guests. Hours are determined on as-needed basis.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Event Presence
  1. Reviews work order and becomes familiar with purpose/type of event, timeline/agenda of the event, as well as diagrams for each location.
  2. Communicates with on-site Event Coordinator, Event Manager, or Director of Events.
  3. Assists with set-up and break-down of events.
  4. Follows designated directions from on-site Event Coordinator, Event Manager, Director of Events, or Special Events lead.
  5. Maintains museum presence while guests and vendors are inside the facility.
  6. Provides post-event feedback to Event Coordinator, Event Manager, Director of Events, or Special Events lead.
  7. Communicates with the Food and Beverage staff to ensure all contracted services are in place by the allotted time.
  • Museum Safety and Cleanliness
  1. Assists to ensure that Fire, City, Police, Park, Facility, and Alcohol codes are being followed to ensure that Museum is operating within the law.
  2. Be prepared to evacuate guests if necessary.
  3. Works with Building Operations staff at the end of the event to ensure that all exhibit areas/items are returned to regular for the Museum to open the next day.
  4. Works with the Food and Beverage staff at the end of the event to ensure that all items are returned to its proper storage location.
  • Vendor Load-in and Load-out
  1. Ensures that only appropriate vendors access loading areas.
  2. Operates Sidewalk Lift and Freight Elevator for vendors if Building Operations staff is unavailable.
  3. Follows wristband procedures as vendors arrive for load-in and when vendor crew returns for load-out.
  4. Stops unauthorized vendors or Balboa Park guests from entering the Museum during load-in and load-out.
  5. Ensures vendors are following facility guidelines.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Able to lift up to 25 pounds and to stand up to 5 hours
  • Must have reliable transportation to and from the Museum
  • Must be reliable to be present and aware at events
  • Must have reliable form of communication (phone, email)
  • Able to communicate clearly in English
  • Able to read and write in English
  • Able to work early mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Experience in a fast-paced, high-stress environment
  • Strong attention to detail

Qualified applicants, please send your resume and cover letter to lpoplawska@sdnhm.org. No phone calls or drop in visits.

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