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Post Art Jobs

Get your job in front of more – and better qualified – candidates. Social media and personal networks alone simply don’t work well enough. Our Express package is only $30 for 30 days.

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Ever put out a search for job candidates and get nothing back? It happens all the time in the arts. With ArtsTie though, you’re guaranteed candidates. It’s only $45 for 30 days – a small price for peace of mind.

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Our candidates have taken the initiative to boost their arts careers. Stop the guesswork when looking to hire fresh talent in the arts. These candidates are tailored for specific job roles and want to be considered. View our candidate databaseOur Premier package is only $90 for a full month and comes with a host of benefits.

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Headhunters are expensive. Search committees can take up valuable time and resources. ArtsTie understands the arts and non-profit spaces better than anyone else, while streamlining and automating the process for you.

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Arts organizations stress over the hiring process: Is this the right candidate? Should we have looked for candidates beyond our existing network? With ArtsTie, rest assured that you did your due diligence.